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Subject svn commit: r1618880 - in /subversion/trunk/notes/api-errata/1.9: ./ fs001.txt
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2014 14:58:38 GMT
Author: stefan2
Date: Tue Aug 19 14:58:37 2014
New Revision: 1618880

Add an erratum for svn_fs_props_changed and svn_fs_contents_changed.

* notes/api-errata/1.9
  (): New folder.  It's the first erratum for 1.9.

* notes/api-errata/1.9/fs001.txt
  (): New file.


Added: subversion/trunk/notes/api-errata/1.9/fs001.txt
--- subversion/trunk/notes/api-errata/1.9/fs001.txt (added)
+++ subversion/trunk/notes/api-errata/1.9/fs001.txt Tue Aug 19 14:58:37 2014
@@ -0,0 +1,41 @@
+Root Cause of Errata: implementation/docstring mismatch
+ Library(s) Affected: libsvn_fs_fs, libsvn_fs_base
+Function(s) Affected: svn_fs_props_changed, svn_fs_contents_changed
+     New Behavior in: 1.9
+      Related Issues: n/a
+== Details ==
+The docstrings for svn_fs_props_changed and svn_fs_contents_changed
+did not state that these functions would only perform backend (BDB,
+FSFS) specific quick checks.  Moreover, the implementation of
+svn_fs_props_changed would not only generate false positives as
+svn_contents_changed did -- which could later be identified by the
+caller -- but also false negatives.
+This behavior makes these APIs very hard to use inefficiently and
+creates dependencies between implementation details and API users.
+For the 1.9 release, the implementations were fixed to never return
+false negatives and to produce false positives in fewer cases.  The
+docstrings have been updated to explain the approximative nature of
+these API and note the pre-1.9 deviation.
+Also, svn_fs_props_different and svn_fs_contents_different have been
+added as "strict" counterparts to the older quick check functions.
+These new API functions will neither produce false positives nor false
+== Impact on API Users ==
+If an API user expected false positives e.g. in the case of a parent
+path change path, their code may no longer produce the same results.
+All API users should review their use of svn_fs_props_changed as
+well as svn_fs_contents_changed and consider using the new APIs,
+svn_fs_props_different and svn_fs_contents_different, instead.

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