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Subject svn commit: r1502695 - /subversion/site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2013 21:33:07 GMT
Author: danielsh
Date: Fri Jul 12 21:33:07 2013
New Revision: 1502695

Document the ra_serf 411 issue.

* docs/release-notes/1.8.html
  (#issues): New top-level section.
  (#411-length-required): New subsection.


Modified: subversion/site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html
--- subversion/site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html (original)
+++ subversion/site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html Fri Jul 12 21:33:07 2013
@@ -47,6 +47,8 @@
       >New tools for administrators and infrastructure</a></li>
   <li><a href="#enhancements"
       >Many enhancements and bug fixes</a></li>
+  <li><a href="#issues"
+      >Known issues in the release</a></li>
 <p>Apache Subversion 1.8 is a superset of all previous Subversion
@@ -2444,6 +2446,71 @@ cases.</p>
 </div>  <!-- enhancements -->
+<div class="h2" id="issues">
+<h2>Known issues in the release
+  <a class="sectionlink" href="#issues"
+    title="Link to this section">&para;</a>
+<p>There are some known issues in the Subversion 1.8 releases.  These
+may be fixed in later 1.8.x releases.</p>
+<div class="h3" id="411-length-required">
+<h3>1.8.0 and chunked Transfer-Encoding
+  <a class="sectionlink" href="#411-length-required"
+    title="Link to this section">&para;</a>
+<p>Subversion 1.8.0 has <a href="#neon-deleted">made switch from <tt>neon</tt>
+to <tt>serf</tt> for HTTP access</a>.  The Serf-based HTTP access library
+use <tt>chunked</tt> transfer encoding for most requests.  When the
+<tt>mod_dav_svn</tt> Subversion server is fronted by a proxy (such as Nginx
+prior to 1.3.9) which responses with a <tt>411 Length Required</tt>, Subversion
+would sometimes either treat this as a fatal error, such as:</p>
+% svn commit &lt;arguments&gt;
+POST of '/svn/[project name]/!svn/me': 411 Length Required
+svn: E175009: XML parsing failed: (411 Length Required)
+<p>and sometimes would fail to notice the failure of the request and issue an
+unrelated error, such as:</p>
+svn: E175004: The PROPFIND response did not include the requested properties
+<p><em>The following describes what we expect to be the situation for Apache
+Subversion 1.8.1, when it is released.  The following information should be
+considered subject to change until this notice is removed.</em></p>
+<p>Subversion 1.8.1 fixes this issue by detecting whether <tt>chunked</tt>
+requests are supported automatically at the set up of a session.  This is done
+by issuing one additional request at the start of the connection.</p>
+<p>We expect that the default configuration of Subversion 1.8.1+ will work well
+out of the box for most users.  A <tt>http-detect-chunking</tt> option has been
+added to the <tt>~/.subversion/servers</tt> (Windows:
+<tt>%APPDATA%\Subversion/servers</tt> file.  Users who wish to avoid the
+additional request may set that option to <tt>yes</tt> or <tt>no</tt>
in order
+to short-circuit the additional request and avoid making it.  We recommend not
+to set that option (or to set it to its default value, <tt>auto</tt>) unless
+you have special circumstances which require it (such as an unusually high
+latency), and even then to set it only in the config sections of specific
+groups and not in the <tt>[global]</tt> section.  See <a
dev@ list post</a> for an example.</p>
+</div>  <!-- 411-length-required -->
+</div>  <!-- issues -->
 <div class="h2" id="svn-1.6-deprecation">
 <h2>Subversion 1.6.x series no longer supported
   <a class="sectionlink" href="#svn-1.6-deprecation"

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