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From Apache subversion Wiki <>
Subject [Subversion Wiki] Update of "Berlin2013" by brane
Date Wed, 29 May 2013 00:15:41 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "Berlin2013" page has been changed by brane:

New page:
The Berlin '13 hackathon will be held at the elego offices in Berlin, Germany from 10^th^
to 14^th^ June. elego has generously donated office space and `$BEVERAGE` for the duration
of the week, and several committers will be on hand to hack, discuss, and make themselves

== Potential Items for Discussion ==

 * Goals / ideas for Subversion 1.9
  * Are we aiming for a 9 month or rather a 18 month project?
  * Non-binding improvement / feature wishlist
 * Merge
  * Do we need a new data model? How would that look like?
  * What needs to be done for move support?
  * In what aspects can the current merge algorithms / infrastructe be improved besides adding
merge support?
  * Refactoring our 500+kB merge.c?
 * Branch cleanup
  * Which of the existing branches are obsolete and can be removed?
 * FSFS format 7
  * Goals and feature overview is given as a WebEx talk on Wednesday
  * Technical discussion needs to be separate from that
  * People's feature whishlist
  * How to get that into /trunk? This includes organizing a review of the refactoring and
improvements for f6. f7 features can be disabled (similar to what we do with Ev2 right now).
 * Shared repository cache
  * A.k.a. "cache server". What it is and why it's useful.
 * How do people feel about C++?
  * GCC recently allowed it in for its own code. What is the general opinion amoungst SVN
devs toways doing the same?
 * Pipelining the client
  * This seems to be the only available option to make the client scale better for large projects.
 Is that approach feasible for a 1.10+ timeframe and what would it take?
 * Benchmarking
  * How could a systematic scalability and performance test for SVN look like?
 * Test coverage
  * Should coverage reports be part of our CI builds?
  * Do we want to improve coverage? If so, where and when?
 * [insert item here]

== Discussion Notes ==

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