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Subject svn commit: r1467637 - /subversion/site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html
Date Sat, 13 Apr 2013 14:08:28 GMT
Author: stsp
Date: Sat Apr 13 14:08:28 2013
New Revision: 1467637

* publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html: 'svn info' shows moves, too, so extend
   the existing section about 'svn status' accordingly.


Modified: subversion/site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html
--- subversion/site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html (original)
+++ subversion/site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.8.html Sat Apr 13 14:08:28 2013
@@ -311,15 +311,16 @@ for more information.</p>
-<div class="h4" id="svn-status">
-<h4><tt>svn status</tt> now shows moves
-  <a class="sectionlink" href="#svn-status"
+<div class="h4" id="svn-status-info-moves">
+<h4><tt>svn status</tt> and <tt>svn info</tt> now show moves
+  <a class="sectionlink" href="#svn-status-info-moves"
     title="Link to this section">&para;</a>
 <p><tt>svn status</tt> now shows moves in its output.
 See the <a href="#moves">section about moves</a> for more information.</p>
+<tt> svn status</tt> shows an extra line for each item involved in a move:
 <pre>$ svn move epsilon/zeta zeta-moved
 $ svn status
 D       epsilon/zeta
@@ -329,6 +330,19 @@ A  +    zeta-moved
+<tt> svn info</tt> shows extra lines for moved items, too.
+For example, if the file <tt>beta</tt> was moved to <tt>beta-new</tt>,
+<tt>svn info beta</tt> will show the following (some unrelated output
+has been omitted in this example):
+$ svn info beta      
+Path: beta
+Schedule: delete
+<b>Moved To: beta-new</b>
 <div class="h4" id="svn-info">

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