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From Apache subversion Wiki <>
Subject [Subversion Wiki] Update of "LocalMoves" by JulianFoad
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2013 16:21:41 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "LocalMoves" page has been changed by JulianFoad:

  ||move ||Applied to the 'from' side: just like any operation that operates on a working/actual
node that exists, this should operate on any replacement node; invalid if no replacement.
|| ||
  || ||Applied to the 'to' side: transitive move, leaving no trace that the subtree was previously
moved to a different path. || ||
  ||resolve(d) ||Applied to either side: automatically (silently) operate on both sides. ||
- ||revert ||Require both together; require recursive if either half has children. || ||
+ ||revert ||Require both together unless 'forced'?; require recursive if either half has
children. || ||
- ||status ||Show just the path(s) specified; details below. || ||
+ ||status ||Show just the path(s) specified; details below. As for 'info', show move info
only on move-root nodes, and the 'from' path according to to Nested Moves Paradigm. || ||
  ||update, switch ||??? See below. || ||
  Subcommands not listed should do nothing special on the path of a moved node, continuing
to behave just the same as on a deleted or copied node.
+ === Nested Moves Paradigm ===
+ When a child has been moved within (or into or out of) a moved subtree, the UI should present
the child's 'from' path as a path within the moved-here parent, not as the absolute original
moved-from path that corresponds to its repository path.
+ For example, the output should look something like this, with '*' marking the paths shown
relative to the parent where the original path would be different:
+ svn checkout
+  . A   A/ A   A/foo
+ svn move A B
+  . D   A/ A   B/
+ svn move B/foo B/bar
+  . D   B/foo   * A   B/bar   *
+ svn status
+  . D   A/
+   . > moved to 'B'
+  A+   B/
+   . > moved from 'A'
+  D   B/foo   *
+   . > moved to 'B/bar'
+  A   B/bar
+   . > moved from 'B/foo'   *
+ svn info A/ B/ B/foo B/bar
+  . ..(similar)...
  === svn status ===
  Currently shows 'D' for every node in the moved-away tree, but 'A+' only for the root of
the moved-here. A minimum change is: show just 'D' for only the root node of the moved-away
subtree (and still one 'A+' for the moved-here).

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