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From Apache subversion Wiki <>
Subject [Subversion Wiki] Update of "InRepoAuthz" by BenReser
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2012 15:27:15 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "InRepoAuthz" page has been changed by BenReser:

Make it clearer where the changes are needed to be made.

  The Authz file may be specified in one of four forms a location inside a repository, a relative
path within the repository being accessed, a absolute file path outside of the repository
or a relative file path outside of the repository.  The file would then be read from the location
specified, parsed and the results cached for a single connection as is already the case with
the existing external file path implementation.  There is one exception to the current behavior
which is the --config-file option to svnserve which causes the Authz file specified in the
config file to be cached for the entire time svnserve runs, this one case is troublesome.
  These four forms allow for Authz to be used out of the same or a different repository and
in the case of the SVNParentPath mod_dav_svn option or -d option to svnserve allows for each
repository to contain its Authz file.
+ Within our [[|layered
design]] the changes being described here are being made to the server layers (mod_authz_svn
which though not pictured at the linked diagram would be above mod_dav in the Apache box)
and svnserve.  The code for reading and parsing the authz file are in the repos layer, but
is only used by the server layer if it decides to implement authz.  Where we need to read
the data out of the repository we would use the repos layer.
  === Format of the Authz Path ===

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