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From Apache subversion Wiki <>
Subject [Subversion Wiki] Trivial Update of "Inheritable-Ignores-AutoProps" by pburba
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2012 19:31:00 GMT
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The "Inheritable-Ignores-AutoProps" page has been changed by pburba:

Add ToC

  ## page was renamed from InheritableAutoProps
  == Repository Dictated Configuration Via Inheritable Properties ==
+ <<TableOfContents>>
  Many software development shops of non-trivial size  desire to have (and to the extent possible,
to enforce) a uniform  configuration environment among the various clients which commit to
 their repositories.  Although these shops may have some ability to  control the environment
on the client machines (dictating software  versions, etc), expecting humans to consistently
set and maintain  various runtime configuration parameters in accordance with corporate  policy
and on every repository-accessing client computer is both  error-prone and unscalable.
  Subversion  already provides the means of enforcing much (but not all) of this  configuration
through the hook script mechanism, but at best this can  only punish non-compliant client
behavior and clumsily recommend  configuration changes (which, again, a human must implement
on their  client computer). An administrator could save a good deal of time and frustration
if they could set a special configuration property on the root <<FootNote(Of course
the property need not be set on the root of repository.  It might be set on the root of some
project folder, e.g. ^/subversion in our own repos, or some other root.  The point is that
the property doesn't need to be set on every directory to affect the whole repository (or
some large subtree) the way that svn:ignore currently requires)>> of their repository
which well-behaved clients (treating the special configuration property as inheritable) would
use to override the user's local config file settings.

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