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From Apache subversion Wiki <>
Subject [Subversion Wiki] Update of "FS2_Design" by brane
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2012 03:25:30 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "FS2_Design" page has been changed by brane:

Describe versioned filesystem concepts.

  = The Versioned Filesystem =
+ Subversion's versioned filesystem is a set of snapshots of the state of a tree of nodes.
Changes to the tree are described by ''transactions'', which are a set of mutations of the
tree state. Discrete states of the tree are called ''revisions'' and are represented by immutable
transactions. Each snapshot (except for the first, which has none and is called ''revision
0'') has exactly one predecessor and at most one immutable successor. Any number of mutable
transactions can exist at the same time. The set of revisions is a temporally ordered sequence;
the last or ''youngest'' revision is called the ''HEAD''. New revisions are created by ''merging''
the changes described by a mutable transaction with the tree state represented by HEAD and
appending the resulting revision to the sequence, creating a new HEAD.
+ [[attachment:vfs-snapshot-sequence.svg]]
+ Nodes are either ''files'', which are containers of unstructured data, or ''directories'',
which are lists of named files and directories. The root node of this tree is always a directory.
At any point in time during the filesystem's lifetime, each node (except the root) will have
exactly one parent.

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