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From Apache subversion Wiki <>
Subject [Subversion Wiki] Update of "SymmetricMerge" by DanielShahaf
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2012 23:56:54 GMT
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The "SymmetricMerge" page has been changed by DanielShahaf:

add a question about a corner case in the algorithm

  In this model, the branching and merging can be drawn in the form of a directed acyclic
graph (DAG).
  Certainly we will have to account for cherry-pick merges as well, but the main focus here
is on ''complete'' merges.  We investigate how Subversion's ''sync'' and ''reintegrate'' merges
relate to the symmetric model of merging, and how we could move Subversion towards that model.
+ {{{#!wiki comment
+ [danielsh] State here briefly the reasons we may want to move towards that model?
+ }}}
  === Abstract ===
  The essence of this document is that it looks like we can relatively easily  enhance Subversion
so that a plain 'merge' command will act as either  'sync' or 'reintegrate' automatically,
depending on the history of the  branch, and furthermore will work better than either of them
in the  scenario of continuing work on a branch after a reintegrate.
@@ -212, +216 @@

  [TODO] Express it as an algorithm.
+ {{{#!wiki comment
+ [danielsh] How does the algorithm cope with the following history: O - common parent; A1
- text change; B1 - text change; A2 - merge of B1 to A; B2 - merge of A1 to B; and being asked
to merge A into (a working copy of) B?
+ }}}
  == Symmetric Merge with Cherry-Picks ==
  Next, we need to account for cherry-picks.  If there are cherry-picks from the source [...],
we look for the end of the first gap.  [TODO...]

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