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From Apache subversion Wiki <>
Subject [Subversion Wiki] Update of "InheritedProperties" by pburba
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 15:49:05 GMT
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The "InheritedProperties" page has been changed by pburba:

Add some notes

  {{{#!wiki note
    [JAF] What do the keys of 'inherited_prop_hash' represent if 'path' is a working copy
path but some of the inherited properties are set on repository paths that are above the WC
+ {{{#!wiki note
+   [PTB] JAF - It's a bit awkward, but I was thinking WC relative paths for props inherited
from WC parents and URLs for props inherited from the repository (via the inherited prop cache).
 We obviously can't use WC keys in all cases, but using URLs in all cases won't work either
because a WC parent might not exist in the repository due to local changes.
+ }}}
+ {{{#!wiki note
+   [PTB] Instead of using a hash mapping parent "paths" to a hash of properties, it probably
makes more sense to use an array of structures which contain the path/URL and the property
hash as members.  The array would be sorted by the depth of the path/URL and would allow the
caller to easily determine the nearest parent of PATH if that is all that it needs (think
of a property with a svn:mergeinfo-like straight override model of inheritance where all that
ever matters is the nearest parent).
+ }}}
  Rev svn_client_proplist3 to svn_client_proplist4, adding the argument svn_boolean_t '''get_target_inherited_props''':

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