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Subject svn commit: r1145214 - in /subversion/trunk/tools/dist: templates/rc-release-ann.ezt
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2011 15:59:25 GMT
Author: hwright
Date: Mon Jul 11 15:59:25 2011
New Revision: 1145214

Add a template for the pre-release announcement mails.

* tools/dist/templates/rc-release-ann.ezt:

* tools/dist/
  (write_announcement): Add an extra (still bogus) value to the data dict.

      - copied, changed from r1145160, subversion/trunk/tools/dist/templates/stable-release-ann.ezt

Modified: subversion/trunk/tools/dist/
--- subversion/trunk/tools/dist/ (original)
+++ subversion/trunk/tools/dist/ Mon Jul 11 15:59:25 2011
@@ -417,10 +417,11 @@ def write_announcement(args):
     'Write the release announcement.'
     version_base, version_extra = split_version(args.version)
-    data = { 'version'      : args.version,
-             'sha1info'     : 'foo',
-             'siginfo'      : 'bar', 
-             'major-minor'  : 'boo',
+    data = { 'version'              : args.version,
+             'sha1info'             : 'foo',
+             'siginfo'              : 'bar', 
+             'major-minor'          : 'boo',
+             'major-minor-patch'    : 'baz',
     if version_extra:

Copied: subversion/trunk/tools/dist/templates/rc-release-ann.ezt (from r1145160, subversion/trunk/tools/dist/templates/stable-release-ann.ezt)
--- subversion/trunk/tools/dist/templates/stable-release-ann.ezt (original)
+++ subversion/trunk/tools/dist/templates/rc-release-ann.ezt Mon Jul 11 15:59:25 2011
@@ -17,6 +17,34 @@ For this release, the following people h
+This is a pre-release for what will eventually become Apache Subversion
+[major-minor-patch].  It may contain known issues, a complete list of
+[major-minor-patch]-blocking issues can be found here:
+A pre-release means the Subversion developers feel that this release
+is ready for widespread testing by the community.  There are known issues
+(and unknown ones!), so please use it at your own risk, though we do
+encourage people to test this release thoroughly.  Of particular note, please
+remember than persistent data, such as the working copy or repository
+formats may change before the final release, and there may not be an
+upgrade path from the pre-releases to the final.
+As a note to operating system distro packagers: while we wish to have this
+release candidate widely tested, we do not feel that it is ready for packaging
+and providing to end-users through a distro package system.  Packaging a
+release candidate poses many problems, the biggest being that our policy lets
+us break compatibility between the release candidate and the final release, if
+we find something serious enough.  Having many users depending on a release
+candidate through their distro would cause no end of pain and frustration that
+we do not want to have to deal with.  However, if your distro has a branch that
+is clearly labeled as containing experimental and often broken software, and
+explicitly destined to consenting developers and integrators only, then we're
+okay with packaging the release candidate there.  Just don't let it near the
+end users please.
 Release notes for the [major-minor].x release series may be found at:[major-minor].html

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