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Subject svn propchange: r1130809 - svn:log
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2011 18:09:40 GMT
Author: arfrever
Revision: 1130809
Modified property: svn:log

Modified: svn:log at Sat Jun  4 18:09:40 2011
--- svn:log (original)
+++ svn:log Sat Jun  4 18:09:40 2011
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 Remove use of stream mark/seek features from svn patch.
 The patch code needs an abstraction for patching both file and property
-content in a seamless manner. This abstractions was previously provided
+content in a seamless manner. This abstraction was previously provided
 by streams and the mark/seek feature. This commit replaces use of streams
 with a custom read/write/seek/tell callback interface added to the
 target_content_info_t structure which is private to the patch code.

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