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Subject svn commit: r880796 - /subversion/README
Date Mon, 16 Nov 2009 15:28:10 GMT
Author: cmpilato
Date: Mon Nov 16 15:28:10 2009
New Revision: 880796

  (): Add a quick note about the revision offset caused by our ASF


Modified: subversion/README
--- subversion/README (original)
+++ subversion/README Mon Nov 16 15:28:10 2009
@@ -1,4 +1,12 @@
-This is the top of the Subversion repository.
+This is the top of the Subversion project.
+           *** ASF Migration Revision Offset:  840074 ***
+        (see `REVISIONIST HISTORY' below for an explanation.)
    trunk/ ......... The latest development sources.  When people say
                     "Get the head of trunk", they mean the latest
@@ -24,3 +32,74 @@
    svn-logos/ ..... Results of the Subversion 1.0 Logo Contest.
    mk.xiv/ ........ Ruminations about Subversion 2.
+On November 15, 2009, the version control history of Subversion
+project moved from its standalone repository on
+and into the Apache Software Foundation's unified source code
+repository at  As this was a disruptive
+migration anyway, the Subversion developers decided to take the
+opportunity to migrate not just their Subversion version control
+history, but also the CVS history of the project which covered the
+time period between the founding of the project and its August 31,
+2001 self-hosting milestone.  The following describes the process that
+C. Michael Pilato used to stitch those two streams of history
+1. Using cvs2svn (, Mike converted all CVS
+   history to Subversion and deposited it into a temporary repository,
+   'svn-from-cvs'.
+2. Now, the CVS repository data contained some trailing changes that
+   were created after the switch to Subversion back in 2001.  Most of
+   those were commits to www/ (which we manually mirrored for a while
+   based on our Subversion commits to trunk/www/).  A couple of them
+   were things like system-wide automated tweaks to www/robots.txt
+   made by CollabNet folk.  Also, we had real tags and branches in our
+   CVS repos that we didn't bring with us into Subversion.  So Mike
+   dumped the first 3654 revisions from 'svn-from-cvs' -- the
+   pre-switchover changes only -- loaded that into the stitch
+   repository, 'svn-complete'.
+3. To historically preserve the fact that apparently we didn't care
+   too much about those old CVS tags and branches, Mike committed their
+   deletion from 'svn-complete' (but left the 'branches' and 'tags'
+   top-level directories themselves).
+4. Since the first revision of our project's Subversion history (in
+   the 'svn' repository) was a massive import into trunk, that would
+   have clashed mightily being loaded atop already-existing files and
+   directories in 'svn-complete'.  So Mike instead checked out
+   svn-complete/trunk@HEAD, then exported svn/trunk@r1 atop it.  The
+   local mods were the small delta between what we got outta CVS on
+   August 31, 2001, and what we put into Subversion.  They were mostly
+   the result of $Date$ keyword formatting differences.  He committed
+   those local mods, which now brought 'svn-complete' into sync with
+   'svn@r1' *except* that 'svn-complete' still had empty '/tags' and
+   '/branches' directories (which were added in r532 and r1237,
+   respectively).
+5. Mike dumped -r2:531 of 'svn', loading the result into 'svn-complete'.
+6. Mike skipped r532 (the revision in which we created our 'tags/'
+   directory) from 'svn', instead adding a no-op placeholder revision
+   to 'svn-complete'.
+7. Mike dumped -r533:1236 of 'svn', loading the result into 'svn-complete'.
+8. Mike skipped r1237 (the revision in which we created our 'branches/'
+   directory) from 'svn', instead adding a no-op placeholder revision
+   to 'svn-complete'.
+9. Mike dumped the rest of the 'svn' history (r1238:r40515), loading
+   the result into 'svn-complete'.
+The result was a single repository of 44170 revisions (3364 from CVS,
+40515 from Subversion, and 1 cleanup rev) that contained all of the
+Subversion project's version control history.  The ASF infrastructure
+team took this repository's data and loaded it into the ASF repository
+(with external commits disabled to prevent interleaved commit

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