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From Hyrum Wright <>
Subject Apache Subversion 1.7.0-alpha1 Released
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2011 14:08:33 GMT
I'm happy to announce Apache Subversion 1.7.0-alpha1, the first public
pre-release of the 1.7.x series, is now available.  Please choose the closest
mirror to you by visiting:

The SHA1 checksums are:

    7710d703eb2365b2e91d66cedc4dbaab4ef6fbea  subversion-1.7.0-alpha1.tar.bz2
    212eaca54374a8e95ab5c6a15208870bbb339ae6  subversion-1.7.0-alpha1.tar.gz

PGP Signatures are available at:

For this release, the following people have provided PGP signatures:

   Senthil Kumaran S [1024D/6CCD4038] with fingerprint:
    8035 16A5 1D6E 50E2 1ECD  DE56 F68D 46FB 6CCD 4038
   Philip Martin [2048R/ED1A599C] with fingerprint:
    A844 790F B574 3606 EE95  9207 76D7 88E1 ED1A 599C
   Paul T. Burba [1024D/53FCDC55] with fingerprint:
    E630 CF54 792C F913 B13C  32C5 D916 8930 53FC DC55
   Stefan Sperling [1024D/F59D25F0] with fingerprint:
    B1CF 1060 A1E9 34D1 9E86  D6D6 E5D3 0273 F59D 25F0
   Hyrum K. Wright [1024D/4E24517C] with fingerprint:
    3324 80DA 0F8C A37D AEE6  D084 0B03 AE6E 4E24 517C

This is the first public release for what will eventually become
Apache Subversion 1.7.0.  It contains several known issues, a complete
list of 1.7.0-blocking issues can be found here:

The term 'alpha' means the Subversion developers feel that this release
is ready for widespread testing by the community.  There are known issues
(and unknown ones!), so please use it at your own risk, though we do
encourage people to test this release thoroughly.

As a note to operating system distro packagers: while we wish to have this
alpha widely tested, we do not feel that it is ready for packaging and
providing to end-users through a distro package system.  Packaging a alpha
poses many problems, the biggest being that our policy lets us break
compatibility between the alpha and the final release, if we find something
serious enough.  Having many users depending on an alpha through their
distro would cause no end of pain and frustration that we do not want to
have to deal with.  However, if your distro has a branch that is clearly
labeled as containing experimental and often broken software, and
explicitly destined to consenting developers and integrators only, then we're
okay with packaging the alpha there.  Just don't let it near the end users

Please note that due to various improvements made to the working copy
library, the working copy format has changed.  You must explicitly upgrade
your working copy by running 'svn upgrade'.  After doing so, the working copy
will no longer be usable by earlier versions of Subversion.

Release notes for the 1.7.x release series may be found at:

You can find the list of changes between 1.7.0-alpha1 and earlier versions at:

These documents are currently incomplete, but will be completed as we
move toward a final release.

Questions, comments, and bug reports to

- The Subversion Team

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