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From Yasser Zamani <>
Subject RE: Map backed form
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2019 09:20:34 GMT
I think a file named beside your action with following
contents should help [1]:


(where xxx is the field name of the collection property in your action or object)



>-----Original Message-----
>From: Prasanth <>
>Sent: Friday, February 15, 2019 9:08 PM
>Subject: Re: Map backed form
>Does struts follow a specific logic as to what the data type of the object would be
>based on user input? Meaning when is it converted to a Double vs Integer vs
>On 2/15/19 7:45 AM, Lukasz Lenart wrote:
>> pt., 15 lut 2019 o 00:17 Prasanth <> napisaƂ(a):
>>> I have a map (Map<Long, Double>) but based on the data entered by the
>>> user the value in the Map is Double or String. Example if the user enters a
>value of 10 then it is coming in as double but if the user enters 10.5 then a string
>is present in the value. Does Struts2 look at the data types of the key and value of
>the map and set the key and values in the map accordingly?
>> Struts is not a problem here, generic types are erased at runtime, so
>> basically this a Map<Object, Object> at the end
>>> If not, what is the best practice for the declaration of Map, is there a way
>force Struts2 to only have Double objects as values?
>> I would probably use a custom type instead of Double and implement
>> converter for it, or even replace the Map with a List of custom
>> objects.
>> Regards

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