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From Micael Carreira <>
Subject Escaping dollar sign and curly brackets
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2019 15:25:37 GMT

In my action I'm using getText(myKey) to get a localized string. This 
string has some placeholders of mine, in ${placeholder} format. Consider 
my original key is defined as this in my properties file:

     myKey = Some text ${placeholder} more text.

I've read in Struts documentation that it uses MessageFormat. So, if I 
want literals, I need to use single quotes. This is what I did in my 
properties file:

     myKey = Some text '${placeholder}' more text.

However, when I call getText(myKey) I get: Some text ' more text. Why 
does this happen?

I also noticed that the problem is the dollar sign AND curly brackets 
without any character in between. If I have this definition:

     myKey = Some text '$' text '{placeholder}' more text.

It gets resolved to: Some text $ text {placeholder} more text.

Can somebody explain me how can I escape the dollar and curly brackets 

Thanks in advance, have a nice weekend.

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