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From Doug Breaux <>
Subject Re: s:fielderror not working in Java 8, WebSphere
Date Wed, 23 May 2018 13:08:46 GMT

On 2018/05/23 06:07:05, Lukasz Lenart <> wrote: 
> You mean <s:fielderror/> ? There is no <s:fielderrors/> tag. Did you
> try to use the latest Freemarker version?

Yes, sorry. <s:fielderror/>

I did not try the latest Freemarker, I'm using what is packaged with Struts (
Which, even at the very latest 2.5.16, is apparently 2.3.26-incubating. I assumed that whatever
is packaged with Struts is what is tested and "supported" with it. Not using Maven, but I
assume that's what the Maven dependency would pull in as well?

> I have tested the tag with Oracle Java 8 and it works without issue.
> Look like incompatibility between IBM Java and Freemarker.

Quite possibly. Hoping somebody here will be able to confirm or give some additional hints.

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