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From Lukasz Lenart <>
Subject Re: Which Struts Version To Use?
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2017 06:11:19 GMT

Struts 2.5.x is not only due to build on JDK7, also there were few
important architectural changes which may be backward incompatible in
some cases. Also 2.5.x brings more new features and improvements that
also at some point can break backward comaptibility. 2.5.x is a good
choice when you start a new development project or you need a ned
feature which is available in 2.5.x only.

That's why I keep 2.3.x branch just to port security fixes and allow
easier transition to 2.5.x (or 2.6.x soon). There is no exact plans
how long 2.3.x will be around, I do plan switch to JDK7 (lack of tools
to support build on JDK6) and then 2.3.x will be branded as 2.4.x but
still with the same scope - only security fixes. So 2.3.x/2.4.x will
stay with us for longer :)

+ 48 606 323 122

PS. Please remember that Struts doesn't follow strict semantic
versioning, "2" means "Struts 2" so Struts 2.5.x is "Struts 2 version
5.x" where Struts 2.3.x means "Struts 2 version 3.x" :)

2017-09-18 21:29 GMT+02:00 <>:
> Thank you for the reply.
> I still don't understand why there are two active branches, especially since JDK7 was
EOL some time ago.
> If the 2.3.X line is going to be ended soon and the 2.5.X line is the future then I'd
like to get our Struts apps on 2.5.X
> But if 2.3.X is going to be maintained for the next 1-2 years then I'd feel comfortable
updating to 2.3.X
> Another consideration is that all our newer web apps use Spring MVC and do not use Struts
2.  We only have some legacy web apps that still use Struts 2.  If the time commitment in
converting from Struts 2.3.X to 2.5.X is high then we might as well just convert those apps
to Spring MVC.
> It would be great if the Struts 2 PMC would publicly state what the future plan is for
Struts 2 or if there is already a published plan please let know.
> Bruce
> On 2017-09-18 10:15, "Jason D. Burkert" <> wrote:
>> On 2017-09-18 11:05 AM, Phillips, Bruce A wrote:
>> > We still have a couple of web apps that are using Struts version 2.3.32
>> >
>> > We want to update those web apps to the latest version of Struts but I’m not
sure what version to update to.
>> >
>> > I see a 2.5.13 and a 2.3.34 – both tags seem to be recently created.
>> >
>> > Should I update to 2.5.13 or should I stay on the 2.3.X line?
>> >
>> > Why are there different production tags (2.5.X and 2.3.X) ?
>> >
>> > Thank You,
>> >
>> > Bruce Phillips
>> >
>> Hello Bruce,
>> If you have existing web apps using 2.3.32 it would be easiest to update
>> to 2.3.34 for the latest security updates.
>> In the future, to use the 2.5.x series, you'll need to perform some
>> migration steps.  Review the Version Notes for 2.5 to get started,
>> especially "Internal Changes" and "Package names have changed".
>> As to why there are both 2.3.x series and 2.5.x series releases, my
>> understanding is that one significant reason is "Struts2 is now build
>> with JDK7" as of the first 2.5 release.
>> -Jason
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