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From "Roslyakova, Svetlana" <>
Subject RE: Question about upgrade to struts2 2.3.34 and session variables
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2017 15:35:37 GMT
Below didn't work.  We ended up creating new Map variable in Action, updating that variable
in jsp and setting session from that variable in Action.



-----Original Message-----
From: Lukasz Lenart [] 
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2017 1:53 AM
To: Struts Users Mailing List <>
Subject: Re: Question about upgrade to struts2 2.3.34 and session variables

2017-09-26 18:11 GMT+02:00 Roslyakova, Svetlana
> Here is the full example:
> <s:iterator var="UserRow" status="stat" value="session.userList">
> <s:set var="index" value="%{#stat.index}" />  <tr>
>    <td><div id="commitdiv<s:property value="#index"/>"><s:textfield

> type="text" id="userId" theme="simple"  name="session. userList 
> [%{#stat.index}].UserId" value="%{top.UserId}" /></div></td> </tr>

<s:iterator var="userRow" status="stat" value="session.userList"> <s:set var="index"
value="#stat.index" /> <tr>
        <div id='commitdiv-<s:property value="#index"/>'>
            <s:textfield type="text" id="userId-%{#index}"
theme="simple" name="session.userList[#index].userId"
value="#userRow.userId" />

This should work and I would suggest these readings:

+ 48 606 323 122 
+ jw4PW2Og=?d=07yfFFqYPM0WD4Foo01g3osCHMJYB3s-Bam1KYGt1G8OPUfmz2vfYiTUym
+ 7PiLP1YARrRlzJV8jUz4jcpOuNEe03YeaeS4yT-l4v5QM-UkCGtu2LFtjvb-xY4uGko_A-
+ WyojufbTj9eapK7r2ZjwgdHnwOsBS2Vz8DQb6Q5_nMBWbB2qslNZbuqS9hJhOYjIYtTBkG
+ ycfJ2yufD86NwuhItmYDRE-qSfiYJNB87Wi4pBXd4W_xbvWFh6ita4wIXnIyNdiqh2KB4d
+ LO_-_gmOFgzv8XsQrGX9gVByHlIxQeoOIPxQQcv_nhHILSwCSfZA7Z59feAxeAX6Xm6Whz
+ iW4gM03Xw8m8d6IiqOKk7gHG7gbxRM24zG8JUdswMoqSdDPFHQk_HRMuYUgK2LHmAzHNH0
+ aUA07SCetMm9aUfKV8mmNBVja4_N-Z-yg0TnCIJ3Ft0QOCOvJlsmX_JHaLyyi_kOeSPHgu
+ 1Y12cWSNHPT1H-w-2qcL69QqBQFuwiIPin&

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