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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: Very confusing documentation
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2016 22:55:02 GMT
On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 4:09 PM, Joseph B Cotton <> wrote:

> What is meant by "mediated",

"Form a connected link between"

> "tied"


> "adapter"

"Connector between differing functionality"

> ? (I am a native English
> speaker, with years of programming experience including Java.)


> What is the difference between "represents" and "encapsulates"? These very
> different terms are uses seemingly as synonyms.

 See next.

> "business logic and state" - again "logic" and "state" are very different
> concepts.  Used here as synonyms.

No, they're used as intended: either business logic *or* state *and, since
we use "or", possible both) are represented (and encapsulated) by a model.

(Noting that neither is actually mandatory in the handler, but there is *a*
model represented by an action. It may or may not be the "final" model in a
modeling chain.)

"Forwarded back"  - oxymoron.

Vaguely, especially if pedantry is present.

> "Loose coupling" - oxymoron.

Most certainly not; "loosely coupled" is a ubiquitous term in software

And, last but not least, "make applications significantly easier" - in the
> category of "to boldly go" i.e. split infinitive.

Ah, the "split infinitive". If this were written in Latin, this would be a
much livelier discussion. It's English, though, and even the
heavily-prescriptive Elements of Style does not say not to split them. So
if you are (or were) an English teacher, holding the split infinitive up as
something that's "wrong" wouldn't hold water. It holds less water since
this isn't an English class.

He knows what he wants to say, but what he says is not what he intends,
> apparently.

I'd disagree. There might be minor tweaks (when isn't there?) but the words
used have fairly well-known meanings in both the technical and
English-speaking community, and they're more or less in the right order.


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