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Subject RE: Jodd/Madvoc MVC framework
Date Tue, 26 Jan 2016 14:26:46 GMT
This is one of the aspects of Spring MVC that I prefer over that of Struts2.  The return types
from action handler methods vary and influences what the servlet handler is to do after the
action handler has completed.

The framework could be tweaked to examine the action method's return type and based upon it
branch and do various new features, allowing the result type invocation to be handled in a
more declarative way via code rather than XML configuration or annotations.

What Christoph presents here very closely aligns with the View based implementations that
Spring MVC expose.

I also think we're reaching a point that some of the struts2 plugins to support various result
type implementations such as JSON and REST should be considered for merging into the struts2
core.  These result types have become a major way to exchange data in the past several years
with microservices, web services, and AJAX support that they should be first class denizens
in the codebase.


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return new InstantDispatcherResult("foo.jsp");
return new InstantActionRedirectResult("fooAction");

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