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From "punter " <>
Subject Re: After migration to struts 2.3.24, file upload still not supported for greater than 2gb
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2016 04:18:26 GMT
Hi&nbsp;&gt;&gt;&nbsp;Do you get an error message?
No error message is obtained during the fileupoad.
In our application all request are mapped to the filter. We traced our request for the case
of fileupload through the jsp mentioned above.The 2 different scenario for different file
sizes are:
-&gt; When the file size is less than 2gbIn this case our fleupload is successful. On
checking the request in the filter, the ServletRequest.getContentLength() methodreturns the
correct file length size in bytes.
-&gt; When the file size is greater than 2gb (2^32-1 bytes)In this case our fleupload
is not successful.The fileupload action cannot proceed as per the logs and nothing else is
thrown.On checking the request in the filter the ServletRequest.getContentLength() method
returns 0 instead of the correct file length size in bytes.The further mapping for the request
hence does not proceed.
It is evident that there is problem with the servlet-api, that the ServetRequest.getContentLength
method returns a 32-bit int insteadof a 64-bit long.This is why it fails for file sizes in
bytes larger than 2gb.
What needs to be done in order to correctly read Content-Length headers with numbers bigger
than 2^32 - 1, so that it supports uploadsgreater than 2gb.


&gt; Hi,&gt; File upload in my struts application is not successful for greater&nbsp;&gt;
than 2 gb. After previous discussion here on previous thread, I&nbsp;&gt; migrated
my application to struts 2.3.24 as the only possible&nbsp;&gt; solution in form of
jakarta-stream parser for large size uploads&nbsp;&gt; (greater than 2gb).&gt;
But after successfully migrating to struts 2.3.24 from 2.1.8, file&nbsp;&gt; upload
greater than 2 gb still not supported. I want to use jakarta-&gt; streams for this purpose.Following
is the code snippet:&gt; In struts.xml:&amp;lt;constant name="struts.multipart.parser"&nbsp;&gt;
value="jakarta-stream" /&amp;gt;&amp;nbsp;&amp;lt;constant&nbsp;&gt; name="struts.multipart.maxSize"
value="3147483648" /&amp;gt;&gt; jsp file:&amp;lt;s:form id="uploadData" action="abc_UploadAction"&nbsp;&gt;
namespace="xyz" validateFields="false" method="post"&nbsp;&gt; enctype="multipart/form-data"&amp;gt;&gt;&nbsp;&gt;
Alongwith with configuring server.xml with maxPostSize e
 lement and&nbsp;&gt; mutipart-config in web.xml But still the file upload request
for&nbsp;&gt; greater than 2 gb not successful.&amp;nbsp;&gt; Thanks

Do you get an error message?Log entries?Stack traces?
Please give us more detail about what is happening.

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