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From "C N Davies" <>
Subject RE: Editing a JPA entity
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2016 04:23:59 GMT
Christoph I understand why this happens, I was simply asking if there was a
better way to do this using some struts session magic or such. Seems there
isn't so I'll just do it the old long winded way.

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From: Christoph Nenning [] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 5, 2016 6:57 PM
To: Struts Users Mailing List <>
Subject: Re: Editing a JPA entity

> I'm using an action to retrieve a list of entities and render these as 
> a list, the user can then select an edit button that calls an action 
> that retrieves the individual entity and renders the edit page. Once 
> the user
> completed editing they hit the save button which calls the action that
> the entity manager's merge method to update the db. Each of these
> call methods of the same action class, but the entity ends up in a
> state so merge will fail. I could just retrieve the entity again and
> update each data member but this seems like a very messy way to do it. 
> there a better way to do this with struts?
> I'm using struts 2.3.20 with hibernate 4.3.11

Well, that is basic http. When data is SELECTed from DB and the html page is
rendered the server is done. That means at this point there are no more
references to attached jpa objects. In terms of http: the handling of GET
request is completed.

When the user hits save the browser issues another http request, usually a
POST request. On the server side there is no more state or information that
there has been a GET request before and entities had been loaded.

So yes, you have to retrieve the entity again and update it.


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