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From Zoran Avtarovski <>
Subject Re: Cascading Nature of Templates and Themes
Date Tue, 05 May 2015 06:12:34 GMT
Hi Lucasz,

>>I had copied all the missing simple templates into my mobile template
>don't do it, Struts will find them. Just override those templates which
>you need

I don¹t think I was clear enough here. If I don¹t include the file the
error is thrown. The issue I have is struts doesn¹t find them working up
the chain.

>Maybe because of hardcoded "simple" - and it happens that not all
>templates were adjusted to be "expandTheme" friendly ;)
>> The mobile select.ftl template is simply:
>> <#include
>> <#include "/${parameters.templateDir}/simple/select.ftl" />
>You shouldn't hardcode "simple" here, use "expandTheme" to tell Struts
>to check your theme first and than parent theme.

I was just following the guidelines. If I don¹t hardcode simple aren¹t I
at risk of a circular reference, as the file will simply reference itself?


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