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From Zoran Avtarovski <>
Subject Re: Cascading Nature of Templates and Themes
Date Tue, 05 May 2015 05:19:32 GMT
I spoke too soon.

I just replaced all instances of parameters.theme with

I had copied all the missing simple templates into my mobile template
directory as a work-around. When I deleted optgroup.ftl from the mobile
template directory I get the following error:

ERROR [ajp-nio-8009-exec-2] - Template processing error: "Error reading
included file template/~~~mobile/optgroup.ftl"

Error reading included file template/~~~mobile/optgroup.ftl
The problematic instruction:
==> include 
"/${parameters.templateDir}/${parameters.expandTheme}/optgroup.ftl" [on
line 118, column 1 in template/simple/select.ftl]
 in include "/${parameters.templateDir}/simple/select.ftl" [on line 25,
column 1 in template/mobile/select.ftl]

Java backtrace for programmers:
freemarker.template.TemplateException: Error reading included file
Caused by: Template
template/~~~mobile/optgroup.ftl not found.

What I don’t understand I why the template manager doesn’t try to load
optgroup.ftl from the simple template?

The mobile select.ftl template is simply:

"/${parameters.templateDir}/${parameters.expandTheme}/controlheader.ftl" />
<#include "/${parameters.templateDir}/simple/select.ftl" />
"/${parameters.templateDir}/${parameters.expandTheme}/controlfooter.ftl" />

And the file has one entry:


Again any assistance would be appreciated.


On 1/05/2015 6:23 pm, "Lukasz Lenart" <> wrote:

>2015-05-01 1:32 GMT+02:00 Zoran Avtarovski <>:
>> We¹ve started a new project which required a custom theme which we call
>> mobile and we set it to extend the simple theme by creating a
>> file and setting parent=simple.
>> Unfortunately this isn¹t working. It has in the past without any
>>issues. Has
>> something changed in the latest version of struts that would explain
>> We are using struts 2.3.20 and freemarker 2.3.19 if it makes any
>Strange, the same mechanism is used by Struts itself. Can you show
>project's structure? Or prepare a small demo app to represent your
>Here you have some examples:
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