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From Heikki Hyyrö <>
Subject Mysterious(?) carriage returns
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2015 21:03:26 GMT

I have been stumped by the following problem: newlines within text received from an html form
show up in the form ”\r\n” in our Struts 2 -based application. I am wondering how this
is possible because I have verified the following:

1) The system is running on OS X or Linux, so the OS default newline is ”\n”.

2) The Java virtual machine reports ”\n” as its newline character (System.getProperty(”line.separator”))
when running the Struts 2 -application in a debugger.

3) When inspecting the form text in a browser debugger, the text shows newlines in the form
”\n” just before the form is submitted. I double-checked this by inspecting the actual
character code values.

4) When I set a breakpoint to the bean-setter of the corresponding action in the Struts 2
application and let the form submission from the browser be executed, the setter receives
the form text as a String-parameter where the newlines have become ”\r\n”.

What can be the reason for this? The form submission mechanism (something on the browser-side
or in Tomcat) or the way Struts 2 handles form parameters before feeding them to the action?
I want to get rid of these extra carriage returns but would very much like to find some other
way than writing special code (such as a custom parameter interceptor) for reverting the text
back to its original form...

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