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From Lukasz Lenart <>
Subject Re: Struts 2 and automatic ids
Date Sun, 21 Sep 2014 08:48:17 GMT
2014-09-11 1:13 GMT+02:00 Heikki Hyyrö <>:
> Hi all,
> I recently began to audit a Struts application that I am maintaining. While
running the pages through the HTML markup validation test at, I noticed
a problem: Struts 2 seems to automatically generate id’s to many elements related to forms,
and sometimes this results in a page that has several elements with identical auto generated
id. This then leads to a markup validation error. So far the only way I have found to get
around this is to explicitly generate own unique ids, but this feels like a stupid solution.
Is it not possible to prevent Struts from auto generating ids to forms and some elements within
> I have tried to google for some solution but have found nothing useful. In case it matters,
the application in question uses the basic Struts ”simple theme” globally, but the same
problem occurs also with the "xhtml theme".

Can you prepare some exact example app?

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