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From Ken McWilliams <>
Subject OT: Architectural Semantics: Model View Presenter
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2014 17:31:05 GMT
Marked as OT because this more of a conceptual issue and has to do with
talking to .NET developers regarding framework difference than with
framework use.

I'm trying to wrap my head around the Model View Pattern (MVP) pattern. My
issue is that I can't really differentiate it from what I do in Struts2.
But in no documentation is there any claim that Struts2 follows MVP. Also
it seems to be a term that only shows up mainly in Microsoft circles, is it
a sort of branding?

Given the Wikipedia article:

There is a picture at the top of the wiki article that shows the following:

Model Business Objects <=> Presenter Contains the logic for application <=>
View UI Components Has no notion of the model.

This looks a lot like, the pattern most of us take for Struts2, where the
middle part, the presenter, is replaced by the Struts2 action.

The main difference is that this is less of an abstraction than found in
most JEE applications, as the chain is typically: Data tier objects <=>
service tier objects <=> struts2 action <=> view.

I'm supposing that this extra level, isn't required for the MVP pattern and
so omitted to focus on the pattern and not perhaps would be done in best

So is then is Struts2 following MVP (in most cases)? I've read that wiki
article twice and still don't see a difference. Any light on the matter
would be most welcome.

On the other hand if there isn't a difference, we should add Struts2 to the
list of MVP frameworks at the bottom!


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