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From Alireza Fattahi <>
Subject Struts 2 defining a base action
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2014 13:45:36 GMT
We are creating a base action to manage export function. This base class deals with file name
and content type. 
public class public abstract class AbstractExportAction{ //Will be override protected abstract
InputStream exportInputStream() ; @Action(value = "export", results = { @Result(name = "success",
type = "stream", params = { "inputName", "inputStream", "contentType", "${exportContentType};
charset=UTF-8", "Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=\"${filename}\"", "contentDisposition",
"attachment; filename=\"${filename}\"", "bufferSize", "2048" }) }) public String export()
throws ClientException {     inputStream = exportInputStream(); LOG.debug("Exporting to {}
file ", getFilename());     return SUCCESS; }
//setter getters for filename and exportContentType } 
Now the other actions extend above class and return they own data as InputStream
package action.account;
public class AccountsSummary extends AbstractExportAction { @Override protected InputStream
exportInputStream() { } } 
*We have /account/export.action without any need to deal with file name and content *
Generally every thing works fine, but in below case, the export action will not map to correct
	* Action A extends AbstractExportAction 
	* Action B extends AbstractExportAction 
	* Action A and B  are in same namespace (package) 
In above case, struts ( struts convention plugin) randomly took one action A or B and map
export action to that class.
Do you think we are using correct approach?!
~~Alireza Fattahi
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