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From Lukasz Lenart <>
Subject Re: How configure struts2 to get validation rules from Spring via @value
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2013 09:18:32 GMT
Code formatting? Maybe use some web service to present your code.

Does is defined as a Struts 2 properties file?

2013/9/17 Alireza Fattahi <>:
> We are using spring 3 and struts 2. We use spring @value annotation to get values from
property files.
> We want to get validation rules from property files instead of hard-coding them in action.
> Here is sample property transfer.account.min.amount=10
> Here is the action:
> publicclassTransferToAccountimplementsPreparable{@Value("${transfer.account.min.amount}")publicStringminAmount;//...........execute
and other methods omitted@IntRangeFieldValidator(type =ValidatorType.FIELD,min ="${minAmount}",key
="")publicvoidsetAmount(Integeramount){this.amount =amount;}
> The minAmount is populated correctly by value 10, but the validation is not working.
> ________________________________
> To see if parameters are passed correctly, I make a test as below.
> Assume we want to get a key from spring managed property file ( This is just a test ;)
> The resource bundel is: = This field must be more than ${min}
> ...and make this change
> @IntRangeFieldValidator(type =ValidatorType.FIELD,min ="${minAmount}",key ="${transfer.account.min.amount.key}")
> Now when an error happens the validation message shows, instead of fetching
this value from resource bundle!
> Of course, when you run below code:
> @IntRangeFieldValidator(type =ValidatorType.FIELD,min ="${minAmount}",key ="")
> The error message is fetched resource bundle correctly!
> ________________________________
> If I can use annotation in this way, please let me know what is my mistake!
> If I can not use annotations like this, please let me know what is
> the best way to avoid hard coding the validaiton rolls in actions.
> ~Regards,
> ~~Alireza Fattahi

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