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From Lukasz Lenart <>
Subject Re: Struts 2 Annotations Maven - No Action mapped
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2013 13:33:37 GMT
2013/3/21 Álvaro López López <>:
> I have tried to mimic that behavior in my version (struts2 - 2.312) but what explained
in this paragraph is not working:
> "The input method above returns "input".
> By the standards of the Convention plugin, the view page rendered will be register-input.jsp
(from WEB-INF/content).
> On that view page is a Struts 2 form tag with an action attribute value of register.
> When submitting the form, the execute method of class RegisterAction will be run.
> Since the execute method returns success, the view page rendered is register-success.jsp."
> I have changed the "action" parameters in JSP to register-success and hello-success.
> Also, I have annotated the corresponding methods with @Action("xxxxx-success") in the
action classes.
> If you put any other string (e.g. hello-execute), it doesn´t work.
> It must be the same name as the WEB-INF/content/xxxx-yyyy.jsp you want to map.

Not it doesn't, action is action, result is result, don't mix them in
@Action. See simple example:

public class RegisterAction extends ActionSupport {

   @Action("register") // basically not needed, just to show what I mean
   public String execute() {
       if (something)
            return "success";
           return "input";

and under WEB-INF/content/
- register-success.jsp (or just register.jsp)
- register-input.jsp

> After that, I get exceptions when assigning the personBean. For instance:
> "Error setting expression 'personBean.age' with value '[Ljava.lang.String;@340556b3':
ognl.OgnlException: target is null for setProperty(null, "age", [Ljava.lang.String;@340556b3)"
> I also attached a "message" property to the HelloAction but it didn´t appear in the
page, so the execute() method wasn´t called!
> I´m afraid the Action classes are not being found.
> I have also changed the namespace from "struts2annotations" to  "Struts2_Annotations_Mvn"
(the name of the project) but it still doesn´t work... :S
> Next step?

Read documentation [1] how the Convention plugin is working, basically


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