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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: wierd stack trace regarding parsing of struts.xml
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2012 23:59:06 GMT
IMO it just needs to match the DTD in the jar; as I said, I've
generally seen this happen when there's a mis-match.

In regards to your SO question, it would depend completely on the
implementation and its configuration.


On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 6:52 PM, Davis, Chad <> wrote:
>> Without knowing what you're specifying in your struts config it's tough to say.
>> The times I've seen this are when there's a mismatch between what's in the
>> config and what's in the libraries, like if it can't find the file locally, it goes
>> to the network.
> So, I think the issue is that I went from webwork to struts 2.3 on this app.  I did the
migration a while back, and the struts.xml files still worked fine even without migrating
them to the new dtd ( declarations as well as actual structure ).  But in on this one installation
they fail.  My theory is that if the internet is available, the struts.xml with "xwork" DTD
will still work.  This makes me think that the DTD resolution must have someone of resolving
the dTD from the classpath prior to hitting the web URL, but I've not had a change to investigate
that yet.
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