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From "Ben Mati, Abdelkader" <>
Subject Apache rewrite/reverse proxy
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:22:52 GMT
Hello Listers,

I have back end website running on Tomcat using struts with the following url
External user access the website through apache  proxy with the following url
(user1, user2, etc... It’s uri specific to each user). I want to use apache  rewrite or/
and reverse proxy  directive to translate the url like into
Can some apache guru help me please?



-----Original Message-----
From: Lukasz Lenart [] 
Sent: October 15, 2012 2:31 AM
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: person.getId() not set with url paramter using NamedVariablePatternMatcher

2012/10/15 pirzada rashid <>:
> Thanks for the reply. I have commented person = 
> personDAO.get(this.getId());. To make things more clear. Just wanted 
> to see Method prints "id" passed in URL. Below are changes.
> See this line below 10:56:05,583 DEBUG PersonAction:62 - 
> getPersonById() = null executed---->>>> . I get id value null. Thats the
> URL : http://localhost:8000/1_Struts2_Tiles_mvn/person/edit/8
> JSP Page:
> <s:url id="editURL" action="edit/%{id}" /> <s:a href="%{editURL}"><i 
> class="icon-edit"></i></s:a>
> struts.xml
> <action name="edit/*" class="com.myapp.action.PersonAction"
> method="getPersonById" >
>             <param name="id">{1}</param>
>             <interceptor-ref name="byPassValidation"/>
>             <result name="success" type="tiles">/person.edit.tiles</result>
>         </action>
> Action Class method
> public String getPersonById() throws Exception {
>         LOG.debug("getPersonById() = {} executed---->>>>", this.getId());
>         return SUCCESS;
>     }
> CONSOLE -> Stacktrace
> 10:56:05,578 DEBUG DefaultActionProxy:68 - Creating an 
> DefaultActionProxy for namespace /person and action name edit/8
> 10:56:05,581 DEBUG AbstractMatcher:68 - Attempting to match 'edit/8' 
> to a wildcard pattern, 2 available
> 10:56:05,581 DEBUG AbstractMatcher:68 - Value matches pattern 'edit/*'
> 10:56:05,582 DEBUG ParametersInterceptor:68 - Setting params
> 10:56:05,582 DEBUG DefaultWorkflowInterceptor:68 - Skipping Interceptor...
> Method [getPersonById] found in exclude list.
> 10:56:05,582 DEBUG DefaultActionInvocation:68 - Executing action 
> method = getPersonById
> 10:56:05,583 DEBUG PersonAction:62 - getPersonById() = null 
> executed---->>>>

I think the problem is how you defined your stack - it's missing a lot of other interceptors.
Take a look how it is defined in Showcase App [1]


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