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From Martin Rosellen <>
Subject RE: client sided applications
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2012 09:42:53 GMT
Thanks to you all for the quick answers.

>> right now I am trying to implement a webapp that should do data cleaning
>> and analysis. I already have a prototype written in Java for the cleaning part
>> and it is not using struts yet.
> Do you mean that you've written a Java application that connects to the db to do this
At the moment I only read .csv files that don't get bigger than 20mb. 
Later I might get files much much bigger (1gb or so).
>> Because I do not want to hire a big server I tend to let the client do most of
>> the calculating.
> What server?
Some of my cleaning procedures take a lot of time, so I might need fast 
>> Is struts the right framework to implement a mostly client sided application?
> Only if you are interested in a web based client . . . struts is almost entirely focused
on HTTP requests.
I'm not sure if a web based solution is the right way to go. On the one 
hand the data transfer from the client to the server might get very big. 
On the other hand the procedures are very complex and might take a lot 
of time to calculate on a slow client. Do you know any papers or 
articles that gives advice when to use what technology? How can I 
scientifically determine where my bottle neck will be?

Kind regards and thanks again

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