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From Mounir Benzid>
Subject How to resuse an Action class in different namespace contexts?
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2012 10:09:48 GMT

I use two different namespaces to secure my web application ( with 
spring security)

One is /pubilc  the other is called.. well..  /private. Everything 
underneath /private is available only  to logged-in users.

Currently  there is an action class living in the /public namespace 
named ShowPublicAgendaAction
which is responsible for showing today's agenda items.

A very similar action ShowPrivateAgendaAction exists in the secured 
/private namespace
which does pretty much the same thing, the only difference is, that all 
available agenda itens are presented to the user
(not only those of today)

I'd like to consolidate both actions since they differ only in one 
single line of code

  Public:       public void prepare() { List<AgendaItem> items= 

Private:      public void prepare() {  List<AgendaItem> items= 

How do I go about serving requests from different namespaces in one 
Action class?

Requests coming-in from /private should call  items= 
Everythng else should call items= agendaManager.loadTodaysItems();



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