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From Mounir Benzid>
Subject Does the orrder of wildcard-annotated methods effects greediness?
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2012 17:39:45 GMT
Here is a simple example showing two methods in the given order

results={@Result(location = "result.jsp")}),
     public String execute() throws Exception {...}

     @Action(value="/do/some/{thing}", results={@Result(location = 
     public String input() throws Exception {...}

Now if the request contains myApp/do/some/specificstuff/eat

which action will fire? I my case it's the input() method but it really 
should be the execute()  method.
The parameter "thing" in the second annotation then equals 

Is it possible to control the "greediness" of the patternmatcher? Using 
XML notation one could simply control
this behaviour by  reordering the <action> tags.


- Mounir

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