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From "Marcus Bond" <>
Subject RE: Advice needed: Offline Struts App
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2012 16:31:33 GMT
Do you mean that they wish to have it running locally or that they want to see a native UI
application rather than a browser application?
If it is the first scenario then why not simply give them a zipped up tomcat server with the
web-app already deployed and either a script to run it or ask them to install it as a service.
If you really need an installer then create one to do the same thing.

In the latter case then you're going to need a lot of code, firstly for the UI and secondly
to get all the data from UI components on to your actions. You would probably do better to
just use your model and service layers from the web app ignoring the Struts side of things
altogether. If you really need something in the future that would be relatively pain free
to have both web app and desktop versions then perhaps take a look at Eclipse RCP and RAP..
whether the reality lives up to the dream though is an exercise for the reader :)

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From: Christian Grobmeier [] 
Sent: 15 March 2012 15:26
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Advice needed: Offline Struts App


yes I know Struts 2 is a web framework. But recently somebody told me he would love to see
a desktop version of my app instead of a cloud based version. I think this would be great
for me too. Now I am considering different ways... not sure, probably somebody here already
did the same in the past.

I mean, many of the interceptors are probably not necessary in a desktop app. My Action are
there - I could use them straightaway without interceptors (or some other great features of
Basically I would just need to replace my HTML/JS frontend with something else, probably JavaFX.

Anybody around who had a similar job with S2 in the past?



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