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From Mounir Benzid>
Subject Re: how to use Advanced wildcards
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 08:43:07 GMT
Am 30.01.2012 17:17, schrieb Maurizio Cucchiara:
> Hi Mounir,
>> It works like a charm now. Wondering why nobody else had a similar
>> problem.... maybe the majority is opting for the rest-plugin?
> Glad you finally worked out. Yeah, I think at rest-plugin, urlrewrite lib,
> plain wildcard, and so on or probably because it is just not a wellknown
> feature.
> BTW, Did you redefined the value of struts.action.extension constant? if
> yes, what is the current value?
> Have you ever experienced this behavior on plan redirect action (my guess
> is that this have no to do with the advanced wildcard mapping) ?
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> Maurizio Cucchiara
Hi Maurizio,

I never touched the default value of that constant. The default must be 
".action" I guess.
Well it's not a big deal breaker for now and like you said if it's not 
related to the adv. wildcards
we should find the culprit very soon. My guess is, that somewhere in the 
application I still use
the old-style parameter handling. So maybe that's the problem.


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