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From "Baubak Gandomi" <>
Subject where does <s:reset action="X" go?
Date Mon, 09 May 2011 13:06:31 GMT
Hi All,

I'm currently fiddling with <s:reset and have discovered that just like
the taglib "<s:submit" it also contains the attributes "method" and

Testing it, they do not seem to have any effect:

Here is my Action :

<action name="startResetTest"

<action name="TLDTests.5.5.2.Reset"

In my view I have :

<h2>Reset Case 2</h2>

We specify the action and method through the reset button :

      <s:textfield label="test 2 : " name="resetTest2Field"/>

      <s:reset action="TLDTests.5.5.2.Reset" method="resetCase2"/>


My assumption would be that if I press "rest" here I should be send to
the action "TLDTests.5.5.2.Reset" and the method "resetCase2" in the
class "org.cast.tests.struts2.misc.tld_tests.ResetClass". 

But when I press "reset", it just empties the field values of my form
and nothing else. I keep the context  I even tested this in debug mode.
When I press "Reset" I do not enter the action class. 

Does anyone know when the "action" attribute of "<s:reset" is


Best regards,

Baubak Gandomi

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