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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: Conversion problem
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2011 15:40:47 GMT

> It appears to be trying to set an Array of Strings to your setDeadlineTime
> method, is it typed to take an Array of Strings?

no arrays anywhere.

But I found out I get more debug output with:

Now I could see that my file is not loaded. None
of my converters is used, it works for the other fields with the
default converter.

A shortened logfile:

DEBUG Property: deadlineTime
DEBUG Class:  ...Project
DEBUG field-level type converter for property [deadlineTime] = none found
DEBUG Property: project.deadlineTime
DEBUG Class: ....ProjectsAction
DEBUG global-level type converter for property [deadlineTime] = noe found
DEBUG falling back to default type converter XWorkBasicConverter

my time textfield throws an error, it cannot be handled by the default

Now my assumption is i have done something wrong with the conversion properties.

My entity is named "Project". The props is named:
Its located in the same package as "Project".

I have tried it with my Action "ProjectsAction" too. The file is
Same location as ProjectsAction.

Content is as follows:
deadlineTime = de.....converter.DateConverter

or in the actions case:
project.deadlineTime = de.....converter.DateConverter

Any ideas why this is not drawn by Struts?


>  (*Chris*)
> On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 7:59 AM, Christian Grobmeier <>wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> i have a form with only 6 values.
>> 4 Dates, 1 int, one string.
>> I created 2 different conversion classes for the 4 dates. One is for
>> creating a good date from a string like 13:30, one is for the actual
>> date. I don't know why, but the ones for dates work and the one for
>> time does not work.
>> Even when i use the same conversion class for all fields, the time
>> fields do not work.
>> In my jsp they are named correct:
>> project.deadlineTime
>> In my Pojo it is:
>> Project.setDeadlineTime(Date deadlineTime)
>> In my
>> project.deadlineTime = de.blub.converter.TimeConverter
>> As the property file has the working conversions defined, I assume it
>> is drawn correct.
>> To avoid a problem in the converter, i have returned a new Date and
>> once exchanged it with the working stuff. But nothing helped
>> It always claims
>> Error setting expression 'project.deadlineTime' with value
>> '[Ljava.lang.String;@73ea7821'
>> ognl.MethodFailedException: Method "setDeadlineTime" failed for object
>> Then I tried to enable some logging output in the Converters. But they
>> do not output anything (for none of the fields). All other of my
>> classes can create output on the specific level.
>> Even when I debug I cannot breakpoint and step into them. It is as if
>> they would not exist. In all other classes it works
>> My questions:
>> - any ideas what I could look for and why the two fields are not working?
>> - why is there no logging possible?
>> - and why can't I get into a breakpoint when debugging with eclipse
>> and run-jetty-run plugin?
>> Any help is appreciated :-(
>> Thanks!
>> Christian
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