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From Jim deVos <>
Subject Looking for a good multi-file upload solution
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2011 01:27:21 GMT
Hello all,

Our team is looking to support multiple concurrent uploads in struts2
(i.e. "ajaxy", gmail-style file uploads, with progress bars, that
begin immediately instead of when the user submits the form).

We are wondering if there are any tips or best practices for
implementing this feature.  For example, does struts require any
special handling for XHR multipart requests?  Also, is it appropriate
to use the FileUploadInterceptor for this sort of thing, or is it
better to roll our own?

We've briefly looked at ajax-file-upload-struts2
( but it looks as
though that project is either abandoned or incomplete (if that's wrong
please let me know).

As for the client side,  we've looked at swfupload, plupload, and
uploadify.  They seem to have their various strengths/weaknesses but
if anyone has a found a solution that they prefer we'd love to hear
it.  Many thanks for your time --Jim

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