I have a multiple selection box in one of the jsp:



                      <TD height=30 class="Formblue" valign=top><strong>Select&nbsp; Level&nbsp;:</strong></TD>

                    <TD colspan=5  class="para" >


                        <html:select multiple="true"  style="width:220px" size="3" name="MyForm" property="strLevelId" >

                        <html:options collection="arlstLevelList" property="strLevelId"  labelProperty="strLevelName"/>



                        <span class="formblue"><strong><bean:message key="common.CtrlMessage"/></strong></span>




  When the user clicks on “Submit” it goes to another jsp.  Now the user clicks on the back button, the selected value in the multiple selection box is not retained.  I need your inputs to fix this.









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