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From Zoran Avtarovski <>
Subject Re: execAndWait Interceptor
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2010 09:57:36 GMT
Sorry about the delayed response. I have been busy with xmas crap (ba

The way we implement an ajax solution is to create a new thread, with a flag
stored in the session and poll the server using a jquery ajax call every 10
seconds. The ajax call returns a json response which has the flag value as
its first item and then relevant data if the process is complete.

The beauty of this is we have no page refreshes and when the process is
complete use the ajax response to either display the info or a link to the


On 14/12/10 7:06 PM, "RogerV" <> wrote:

> Sparecreative wrote:
>> We use the interceptor for interrogating a legacy database where we have
>> no control over the execution or timing of the query.
>> We basically have an API we call and then wait in hope.
>> I have to say that I've found the interceptor to be inconsistent at best.
>> For example we have some queries that are actually quite quick but the
>> interceptor insists on doing at least one page refresh before returning a
>> result. We've tried tweaking all the setting with absolutely no joy.
>> On the last project, we actually implemented an ajax solution which was
>> far more elegant result.
> Are there any pointers or code samples available to show how to implement an
> ajax exec & wait?
> Regards

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