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From Greg Lindholm <>
Subject S2 and Sitemesh basic configuration
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2010 15:35:49 GMT
I'm working on my first project that will use sitemesh and have some
questions on basic configuration with Struts2.

struts 2.2.1
sitemesh 2.4.1
My decorators will be JSP files

I'm looking at the struts2-sitemesh-plugin doc

Question 1) If I want to access struts2 resources (from the action or
value stack) and use struts2 tags from the decorator JSP then I need
to use the sitemesh plugin, is that correct?

Question 2) Do I need to configure the FreemarkerDecoratorServlet and
VelocityDecoratorServlet since I'm only using JSP decorators? (I think
not, but better ask.)

Question 3) Do I need to configure the JspSupportServlet?  It's listed
under the Full Integration section with no mapping and no description?
What does it do?

Question 4) In the "Example" section of the doc the sitemesh filter
appears after the two struts filters, is this correct? I was under the
impression that the sitemesh filter must be declared between the
struts-prepare and struts-execute filters.  Is this the example wrong?


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