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From Phil Adams <>
Subject Struts2 threading in a Java EE application server environment
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 03:34:04 GMT
I'm trying to help a customer that is using Struts2 within a Java
EE-compliant application server.  Unfortunately, I have no real
experience with Struts2 so I was hoping someone on this mailing list
could offer some help.

The main issue that I'm dealing with is this...   An HTTP request is
received by the app server's servlet container and struts2 is invoking an
action class's "execute()" method, but it appears to be doing this on
a "new" thread (i.e. a thread other than the servlet container's
"worker" thread).

First of all, is this normal and expected?   If so, is it controllable
by the user via some sort of configuration?      Also, how does the
struts2 framework deal with thread context information?
Specifically, when creating new threads in a Java EE environment, the
thread context information needs to be copied from the original thread
to the new thread, otherwise various Java EE components will have
unpredictable results.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Phil Adams

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