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From Antonio Sánchez <>
Subject Re: Encoding in <s:property>
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2010 16:21:41 GMT
> Escaping HTML.
> Dave

Sorry Dave and sorry all! It does work!

<s:property value="myValue" escapeHtml="false"/>

I was using "true" by mistake because I misread "false" was the default
in the above reference link.

Besides I got confused because I didn't think that scape also means
encoding here. Even more, I'm outputting xml, not html, and escapeXml
didn't work.

Now I have one more question.

Do I have to add escapeHtml attribute in all property tags? Can I set a
default value of "false" for escapeHtml?

Thank you very much and sorry again for my mistake.

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