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From David Denton <>
Subject Struts 2 Ghosting out <s:textfields> question
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2010 15:11:01 GMT
(Sorry didn't mean to hijack the "Submit with several methods in Struts 2.2" 
subject from the previous post...resending this)

I am using Struts 2 tags. Is there an easy way for me to "ghost" out one of the
above textfields if the other one is clicked/selected? I can do it without using
the struts 2 tags but how do you do it with them? 

<s:form name="exampleForm" action="exampleAction" > 
  <s:textfield name="txtName" label="Name" style="text-transform:uppercase" /> 
  <s:label value="OR" /> 
  <s:textfield name="txtEmail" label="Customer Email Address" /> 
  <td><input id="btnClear" type="button" width="50" value="Clear" 
  onclick="clearSearchParameters()" /></td> 
  <td><s:submit value="Submit" theme="simple" /></td> 


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