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From RogerV <>
Subject Re: Struts 2, Session Management and "WorkFlow".
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2010 10:24:03 GMT

Paweł Wielgus wrote:
> In an interceptor You can check if a user is logged in,
> so it's easy to have wizzard immediate after login
> and only login page if user is not logged in.
> Then after user is logged in You can check if wizzard is completed and
> if not redirect him at current wizzard page (kept in session for
> example).
> If the wizzard is completed then he can't enter wizzard url's.

That would work in this case, but my interceptor would be specific to the
wizard. If I then introduced a second wizard, then I'd need another
interceptor to handle that one. I was hoping for something a little more

Paweł Wielgus wrote:
> As for how do You keep "session data" seperate for the two tabs?
> Well the best solution i know is You don't, when You use any http
> framework,
> but it's just my personal opinion.

So how would you deal with a client opening two tabs and editing an order
for two different customers in
each? I could put key information such as customerId & orderId into a form
as a hidden field, but I "like" to retain that in the session to facilitate
detecting malicious update attempts - I can check that the
customerId/OrderId coming back are the ids that I originally sent - for

I found this -
which looks like an attempt to do what I want to do, has anyone used it in
anger, or is there something similair out there?

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