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From "Norbert Hirneisen" <>
Subject Struts 1 and thread safety
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2010 09:00:42 GMT

I have al large Struts 1 application with a modified DispatchAction class. Most
action classes are derivatives from this class.
In the webapp I have several projects defined. The project can be determined by
analysing the URL.
This is done in the central DispatchAction-class by using class fields declared
as volatile. The execute-Method is declared as synchronized.
After reading a lot about thread safety now I´m not sure if this approach is
thread safe on a request level.
Abbreviated example:

public abstract class DispatchAction extends Action {
protected volatile long projectId = -1;

synchronized public ActionForward execute(
 ActionMapping mapping,
 ActionForm form,
 HttpServletRequest request,
 HttpServletResponse response)
 throws Exception {
   long projectId = Project.getIdFromRequest(request);
 return forward;

When I access projectId from a derived class is this thread safe or have I to
implement in the doExecute-Method of each derived action class ? This would be
thread safe but comes with a lot of redundant code.

Any help would be helpful.

Best regards,

Norbert Hirneisen

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