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From Kevin Jones <>
Subject Strang issue with NamedVariablePatternMatcher
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2010 11:31:03 GMT
I'm using Struts2, REST with the Convention plugin and the
NamedVariablePatternMatcher along with some code that Jeromy Evans
provided for a "HierarchicalRestActionMapper" and all my controllers
are model driven. This nearly all works!

Let's say I'm building a blog so I want URLs like /blogs/1/posts to
get all the posts for blog 1. To set this up I have a BlogsController
and a PostsController. The PostsController looks like this

public class PostsController implements ModelDriven<Object>
	private String				id;
	private Integer				blogId;
	private List<Object>		        posts; // = new List<Object>()
	SinglePostViewModel			postVM	= new SinglePostViewModel();

	public void setId(String id)
	{ = id;

	public void setBlogId(Integer blogId)
		this.blogId = blogId;

	public Object getModel()
		return posts != null ? posts : postVM;

	public String index(){}

	public String editNew(){}

	public String create()	{}

If I browse to http://.../blogs/1/posts then I see odd behaviour

If getModel returns a List<Object> then setBlogId is called, however
if getModel returns null or a postVM object then setBlogId is never

I'm hoping somebody has seen this before and can point me in the right



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